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Users interact with doors according to their individual settings and the authority they inherit from the groups assigned to them.

Create a User

  1. Go to Users.

  2. Tap the Edit icon, then tap Add.

  3. Enter the user’s first and last name.

  4. If necessary, enter the user’s email and set a user photo.

  5. Select a role for the user that determines what they can see and manage in Virtual Keypad.

  6. In Credentials, add groups to the user.

  7. Add credentials to the user.

  8. Tap Save.

User Options

  • Admin (roles): View and manage the overview page, Users, Doors, Events, Video, Groups, and Rules.

  • Standard (roles): View and manage only the overview page, Events and Doors.

  • Internal Number (credentials): The number stored inside a card that is transmitted to a reader when it’s scanned. The card number contains data programmed into the card by the manufacturer.

  • External Number (credentials): The number that is printed on the outside of the card. The external number is different from the internal number and is used for keeping track of who the card is assigned to.

  • Active (credentials): Make the user active in the system.

  • Temporary (credentials): Make the credential active only between a specific Start Date and Expiration Date.

Edit a User

  1. Go to Users.

  2. Select the user that you want to edit.

  3. Make your changes, then tap Save.

Delete a User

  1. Go to Users.

  2. Tap the Edit icon, then tap Delete.

  3. In the row of the user that you want to delete, tap the Delete icon.

  4. A dialog pops up to confirm your decision. To delete the user, tap OK.

  5. Tap the Close icon.

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